Case Studies.

Making things work for Worklinks.

Making things work for Worklinks

Worklinks is a service provider and registered training organisation, established in 1997. Offering work preparation programs and training, Worklinks services North Brisbane and the Moreton Bay Region.

In late 2020, Worklinks enlisted us for a brand identity overhaul and refresh. This included:

  • A new logo design.
  • A branding style guide.
  • Designs for stationery.
  • Building and vehicle signage.
  • Freestanding and event signage.
  • Email signature and social media rebrands.
  • A new website.

The logo.

Through multiple style and colour iterations, the final design used a stylised chain to represent the “links” of the business name.

Style guide.

To ensure the use of the new brand was consistent throughout all of Worklinks’ online and offline materials, we produced a style guide. This document set out qualities such as the fonts and colours to be used, as well as how to correctly place and use the new logo.

Stationery and consumables.

Using the guidelines set out in the style guide, we produced designs for items such as business cards and letterheads. As a customer-facing aspect of the business, it was important all stationery presented a united brand identity.


We produced a wide array of signage for Worklinks. For the company’s physical locations, we designed and installed signage that made each location immediately identifiable. For company cars, we produced vehicle wraps to identify Worklinks cars on the road. We also produced freestanding or movable signage such as A-frames and banners, as well as a table throw cover for representation at industry events.

Online presence.

An equally important factor of the rebrand was how Worklinks presented itself online. The largest project in this field was to produce a brand-new website to represent the brand. By drawing on the colours, fonts, and branding materials in the style guide, we were able to continue the consistency of the brand across its online presence.

worklinks capture

Related branding work took into account both how the brand was depicted on social media, as well as in more person-to-person contexts, such as email signatures. In both cases, adhering to the style guide ensured a consistent look and feel.

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