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How Total Storage Systems stacks up.

How Total Storage Systems stacks up

Total Storage Systems is a pallet racking supplier based in Brisbane, primarily offering Colby Storage Solutions pallet racking systems.

In 2021, we were placed in charge of a full complement of branding exercises for the business, including:

  • A new logo design.
  • Freestanding and event signage.
  • A new website.

The logo.

After a wide range of concepts, the final logo idea played on the structure of pallet racking, using supports between the letters and the letter forms themselves. A palette of black, grey, and orange acted as a bold statement, making the name and initials exceptionally clear.

Stationery and consumables.

We produced designs for items such as business cards and letterheads. As a customer-facing aspect of the business, it was important all stationery presented a united brand identity, using the key colours of black, grey, and white. It was also important the print materials include the Colby branding, as their products are an integral part of the Total Storage Systems business.


Various signage was produced for Total Storage Systems at their main location in Brisbane. This replaced older signage that didn’t include the new logo.

The website.

The new website, built upon a custom framework, further emphasised the key tenets of the brand. Visually, this was done by continuing the angles found in the logo, while content-wise, the site presented the Colby branding prominently.

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