Case Studies.

Winning races with Lachlan O’Hara.

Winning races with Lachlan O’Hara

Young motorsports competitor Lachlan O’Hara enlisted our services in 2019, resulting in an engaging professional website and eye-catching vehicle livery, which showcased his sponsors.

The logo.

The simple, strong typography of the logo reinforces the clear focus of the brand identity, rather than overpowering it.


Car livery.

An important visual component of motorsports is the vehicle livery – the design of the racing car. In partnership with OccSafe Australia, and Lachlan’s other sponsors, we worked to produce a number of visually striking car designs. The attractive colour schemes of the vehicle designs complement the sponsors’ own branding.

Online presence.

Lachlan’s website presents information about the driver in a clear and attractive way. The site includes Lachlan’s story so far, a gallery and videos, and a comprehensive overview of possible sponsorship opportunities.


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