Case Studies.

A winning scheme for SEO Mafia’s wiseguys.

A winning scheme for SEO Mafia’s wiseguys

SEO Mafia is a business offering high-quality search engine optimisation for businesses and individuals.

As a new company, SEO Mafia’s brand was built from the ground up, allowing for great flexibility in its visual identity and messaging. Our work took on a playful tone, featuring a host of silhouetted goons with SEO know-how.

  • A new logo design.
  • Colour scheme and visual identity.
  • Illustrations and animations.

The logo.

Playing on the association of the mafia with Homburg hats, a cartoonish hat was used as the key identifier for the brand. The logo used an art deco style to further tie in with the theme. After a few variations, a tommy gun completed the logo, strengthening the association.

Colour scheme and visual identity.

White, black, and champagne gold were used as theme colours, reflecting simplicity and opulence – or in terms of the SEO services offered, straightforwardness and high-quality results. A pale teal and navy blue act as supporting colours, and patterns were used as backgrounds to carry on with the art deco theme.

The website.

SEO Mafia’s key promotional tool is its website, and we developed a simple but informative set of pages to bring across the message of quality search engine optimisation.

Illustrations and animations.

The backbone of the visual identity was the silhouette illustrations of gangster characters, adding a level of playfulness to the way SEO Mafia presents itself. Key elements were illustrated in white to draw the eye, and subtle backgrounds of local landmarks accompanied the illustrations.

Online presence.

The strong visual theme was carried along into the graphics used for social media, including elements taken from the website, as well as original illustrations.

This style was also used in promotional and instructional videos – a further demonstration of the versatility of the brand.

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