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Giving Signage Mates a friendly boost.

Giving Signage Mates a friendly boost

Signage Mates is a signage company servicing Brisbane and the Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

Our branding designs for the business worked to emphasise the easygoing and friendly nature of Signage Mates, while showing the versatility of their work. Our work included:

  • Logo design.
  • Business cards.
  • A website, including a landing page for signage.

The logo.

Signage Mates’ logo uses a depiction of the “shaka” hand gesture to project an image of friendliness, while the grunge texture used on the text alludes to the wide variety of places in which the company installs signage. The bold yellow used is cheerful and eyecatching.

Stationery and business cards.

The use of yellow continued throughout the stationery and business cards, making these materials stand out in any situation. To further stand out, plastic credit card-like business cards were produced, with embossed phone numbers.


One of the primary ways Signage Mates promotes itself is through its website, and we worked to present a clear idea of the printing and installation involved in the signage industry. The website features a great deal of information about the various types of signage, as well as why signage is important for your business.


Landing pages on the site brought visitors from search engines directly to competitive deals, boosting the site’s user engagement.

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