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Helping Help4Kids help others.

Helping Help4Kids help others

Help4Kids is an Australian charitable organisation which provides funds to causes that support sick and injured children, nationwide. Since starting fundraising efforts in the last few years, Help4Kids has raised money that has gone towards children’s hospitals and other worthy causes.

Logo design.

The Help4Kids logo went through a series of changes, from its original incarnation in 2020, to its updated form in 2021. Friendly imagery, such as the heart and children holding hands, were paired with subtle 3D effects to give the logo a welcoming, tactile feel.


Help 4 Kids’ brand identity has been backed up by a range of promotional materials. These have included:

  • Business Cards.
  • Donation Boxes.
  • Email Signatures

A distinguishing factor of most promotional materials is the use of QR codes to enable quick donations. With the prevalence of QR codes in the wild, they are a quick and easy way to drive an audience to a dedicated page on the website with pre-filled donation amounts.

Marketing materials.

Consistent use of the logo is the common theme for marketing materials for events and promotions. The 2021 charity gala held by Help4Kids required a wide variety of printed and digital materials, from volunteer vests to onscreen graphics, to tickets, invitations, and certificates. Further fundraising efforts, such as the Bunnings sausage sizzle fundraiser, also required their own dedicated marketing materials, giving each event and promotion its own identity while still remaining heavily tied to the main brand.


At Help4Kids’s fundraising events, signage played a large role in raising and maintaining awareness. Pull-up banners were placed around event venues, featuring QR codes for easy donations. Careful use of photography added a human touch to the signage.

Promotional videos.

Using motion graphics following the cue of the brand’s wider identity, Help4Kids’ promotional videos show off the face and the workings of the organisation. In order to reach a wide audience, a promotional jingle and accompanying video was produced. This premiered at the 2021 gala event, which was in turn filmed professionally and compiled into a highlight reel of the event.

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