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Making 4Business Group’s brand our business.

Making 4Business Group’s brand our business

4Business Group is a marketing and advertising company, primarily engaging with businesses. 4Business Group’s current branding was developed in early 2019 in partnership with our branding experts. The aim of this initiative was to create a brand that would reach the target audience of business customers, while also representing the varied services the company offers.

The brand name and logo.

As the first step of the branding exercise, a new name was chosen for the company. Prior brands used by the company included SEO4Business, and it was decided that this should inform the new direction the brand would take. The name 4Business Group offered a flexible base for the range of services the company provided.

The logo was also designed with that flexibility in mind. The combination of a strong, memorable visual device in the “4B”, a modern typeface, and the ability to tweak the design for varied applications added up to a logo that perfectly represented 4Business Group. The four colours used represented the four pillars of the business:

  • SEO & Websites.
  • Marketing.
  • Printing.
  • Signage.


4Business Group’s signage is an important part of how the business presents itself. As a sponsor for many events or event participants, 4Business Group has relied on our branding expertise to ensure its brand is never misrepresented.

The vehicle signage ranges from company cars to sponsor advertising on racing cars – a demonstration of the versatility of the brand in different settings.

Stationery and other materials.

As a marketing company, 4Business Group has required a diverse range of branded materials. From business cards to letterheads, and particularly with promotional materials, such as coupons and event promotions, a strong, consistent visual identity has been required.

Of particular note is the 4Business Group services book, which acts as a showcase for the work that the company does.

Marketing products.

4Business Group has taken advantage of the versatility of its brand by putting it into practice across a variety of products. By reducing the logo to its strongest visual elements, that is, the “4B”, the brand can be applied to items such as apparel, hats, and face-masks. Our strength in marketing means that our clients can capitalise on their brands in a wide range of ways.

4Business Group is a proud sponsor of multiple events, programs, and initiatives. By taking advantage of our prowess in printing and signage, 4Business Group has produced a wide range of signage and printed materials for the events it sponsors.

Promotional videos.

Professionally produced promotional videos act as another way 4Business Group capitalises on its brand. Quality motion graphics and editing elevate the videos to success. The videos below include an overview for 4Business Group, highlights of a charity event where 4Business Group was a sponsor, and an event for 4Business Group clients and affiliates at the Black Hide restaurant.


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